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Capabilities Pre-Employment Screening
Knowing the background of the person you are hiring is one of the best ways to keep your assets safe. With the rise of corporate scandals, negligent hiring lawsuits, and workplace violence, background screening for new hires is a critical component of your plan. With a comprehensive background report, you can feel confident with each new hire, build a team of trustworthy professionals, and avoid costly employee problems over time. For your protection and ease of mind, TMAP Backgrounds offers a wide array of investigative services that include the following:

Basic Pre-Employment Screening Package

  • Social Security Trace
    The Social Security Trace provides the following information:
    • Name and name variations used by the individual, such as maiden, divorced or previous names, and AKAs
    •  Current and former addresses associated with the subject’s SSN
    • Notification if the SSN entered is not associated with your subject
    • Notification if the SSN has been used in a previously filed death benefit claim.
  • This information helps determine which counties and names are to be used in the search.

  • Criminal History Report
    County criminal searches are recommended to protect against workplace violence and employee theft.  TMAP Backgrounds performs searches of current records directly at local county Superior and Municipal courts. Criminal searches are available nationwide as well as in the U.S. territories and Canada. We recommend a search of all counties of residence and any AKAs that are identified in a subject’s SSN Trace. Using TMAP Background's researchers, we access the most current information available and report felony and misdemeanor convictions based on applicable federal and state law.

  • Motor Vehicle History Report/Driving Records
    A driver’s license report can confirm the information the subject provided to your company, such as their date of birth and names.  It can also provide a subject’s state driving record, including suspended licenses, failures to appear in court, and arrest warrants. In addition, drug and alcohol related driving offenses, such as driving under the influence and possession of drugs, may serve as a warning of potential substance abuse problems that can affect job performance. Furthermore, a driving record can show actions that may reflect the subject’s character, such as failure to pay child support or comply with a court order.  It can also provide vehicles used by subject. 
  • State Sexual Offender Registry
    Per Megan’s Law, sexual offenders must register when they move. Sexual offender registry searches are statewide searches of registered sex offender databases. TMAP Backgrounds recommends this search when companies have on-site childcare or other people at risk.  Additionally, it may help to identify a potential sexual harasser in the workplace.

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Additional Criminal Records

  • Criminal Federal Court Search
    Search of Federal district and appellate courts for convictions of crimes that occurred on federal property and convictions of federal laws such as tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking, immigration law violations and postal offenses. Records provide a criminal history from the date of disposition, parole or release from imprisonment.

    The database is a national locator index for the United States appellate, district and bankruptcy courts. The database allows searches by party name or social security number in the bankruptcy index, party name or nature of suit in the civil index, defendant name in the criminal index, and party name in the appellate index. The information provided by the search will include the party name, the court where the case is filed, the case number and the filing date.

    • District Courts (not on the index)
      • Indiana Southern District Court CM/ECF
      • New Mexico District Court
      • Virgin Islands CM/ECF
      • New Mexico District Court
      • Virgin Islands CM/ECF

    • District Courts (not on the index)
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Second Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Federal Circuit
  • State Repository Search
    State repositories provide statewide searches of criminal convictions; however, TMAP Backgrounds cautions clients about state repositories because few of them are accurate and up to date. TMAP Backgrounds uses a multi-layer and multi-source invetigation to provide the most accurate information possible.

  • State Incarceration Records
    Search of state and federal district prison records, which are updated 48 hours after inmates are paroled. The search reveals if the subject has served time in prison for a felony conviction, providing their release date, any current warrant information for parole violations, and sometimes a picture I.D.  This search may be conducted in addition to county criminal searches for greater due diligence where statewide information is not always available.

  • OFAC Foreign Nationals Search
    Search of the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bank of England Terrorist list and Canadian Office of the Superintendent of Institutions list (OSFI). The list contains names of foreign nationals (individuals and entities) that the U.S. government currently has sanctions against; whose property may be blocked; who is restricted from exporting by the U.S. Department of Commerce; and whom no U.S. person may have dealings with. Individuals on the list include known terrorists and international narcotics traffickers.

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Financial Reporting

  • Credit History
    TMAP Backgrounds recommends credit history reports for employees that can affect the company financially. This necessarily includes all employees in accounting functions, but may also include other employees that may, for example, be entrusted with a corporate credit or purchasing card. The credit history reports TMAP Backgrounds conducts are designed for employment purposes, so they do not count as an inquiry on the individual’s report or reveal either date of birth or a credit score. The report includes verification of the subject’s name, their current address and two previous addresses, current phone number, current employer, up to three previous employers, and any aliases associated with the SSN. The credit summary portion of the report contains the complete file including public records (i.e., liens, judgments, etc.), collection accounts, current or previous delinquent accounts, types of credit, total indebtedness, and “profile” (i.e., account charged off, repossessed, etc.).

  • Liens, Judgments and Bankruptcies
    The liens and judgments search includes a State and Federal Tax Lien Search and a Recorded Judgments Search.

    The State and Federal Tax Lien Search is conducted on a county level to discover claims on property or goods of a subject by a governmental tax agency, determining if there is a legal requirement to pay past tax obligations before other payments.

    The Recorded Judgments Search provides records of civil judgments that are recorded at the county level, generally at the recorder’s office. The records can be filed by or against a subject. A summary of the judgment will be obtained. Recorded judgments results are filed by subject name, with no secondary identifier.

  • Federal Bankruptcy
    The federal bankruptcy search is a national locator index for the United States bankruptcy courts. The database allows searches by party name or social security number in the bankruptcy index. The information provided by the search will include the party name, the court where the case is filed, the case number and the filing date. The following courts are not available online:

    • Appellate Courts (not on the index)
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Second Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Fifth Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit
      • U.S. Court Of Appeals, Federal Circuit

    • District Courts (not on the index)
      • Indiana Southern District Court CM/ECF
      • New Mexico District Court
      • Virgin Islands CM/ECF

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Verifications and References

  • Employment Verification
    Past Employment Verification is recommended for all employees. TMAP Background's in-house Reference and Verification Department offers two employment verifications.

    Our standard Employment Verification reports the employer’s name, applicant’s title, dates of employment, salary history (upon client’s request), whether they are eligible for rehire, and we ask for additional comments. TMAP Backgrounds also offers an Employment Verification “Plus” that adds questions about the applicant’s initiative and drive, follow-through, problem solving skills, organizational skills, work attitude and dependability.  If an Employment Verification Plus is ordered but a past employer will only provide information requested in the Standard Verification, TMAP Backgrounds will only charge the standard Employment Verification fee. 

  • Education Verification
  • Education verification is recommended for management positions as well as most business office functions. TMAP Backgrounds generally verifies college degrees, unless clients ask that we verify high school also or “highest degree” earned. TMAP Backgrounds’ Education Verification will report the subject’s dates of attendance, graduation date and degree earned. Additionally, some educational institutions will report GPA.

  • Professional License Verification
    TMAP Backgrounds’ Reference and Verification Department conducts professional license and certification verifications. Our reports reveal the validity of applicants’ professional licenses, date of issue, renewal and expiration dates, current status and any disciplinary action.

  • Military Service Verification
    TMAP Backgrounds' Reference and Verification Department verifies the branch of service and current status.

  • Prior Employer Drug and Alcohol Test Results
    The search inquirers with past employers to obtain information on whether an applicant (1) took a drug test, (2) failed any drug test, or (3) refused any drug test.  Pursuant to 49 C.F.R., previous employers must provide information on past employees' drug and alcohol tests within the two previous years. Information will provide dates of confirmed positive tests for drugs, confirmed alcohol test results of 0.04% or greater, and refusal to take a controlled substance test within the past two years.

  • Professional, Management, or Exercutive Reference Interview
    TMAP Backgrounds offers three types of Reference Interviews: Professional, Management and Executive. The Professional Interview includes questions that relate to the applicant's professionalism, work ethic, and adaptability. The Management Interview includes the entire Professional Interview and additional questions that focus on the applicant's management capabilities. The Executive Interview includes the Management Interview and adds questions that focus on the applicant's executive management skills and capabilities. Additionally, you are allowed to add 3 of your own questions to customize the Executive Interview for the specific position or industry.

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Specialty Services

  • Worker's Compensation History/EDEX (post offer)
    Worker’s compensation searches are highly recommended in manufacturing and production environments or wherever physical activity such as lifting is part of the job requirement. This information enables employers to avoid placing employees in positions that may pose risk of re-injury and identify habitual claim filers. Workers’ Compensation History is a statewide search available in most states, but must be conducted post-offer. The search identifies workers compensation claims against an applicant’s past employers. The history will report the last five (5) events and include case numbers, locations, case status, dates of injury, body parts injured, type of injury, and all party information, lien claimants, and the applicant’s and insured’s attorneys.
  • OIG Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Report
  • The United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) excludes individuals listed in the Sanction database from working in Medicare, Medicaid and other Federal health care programs. TMAP Backgrounds searches the Cumulative Sanction Report and Debarred Contractors List from the General Services Administration.

  • Prohibited Parties Search
    The Prohibited Parties Search is a search of the following five lists:
    1) Debarred Parties - Parties denied export privileges under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as administered by the Office of Defense Trade Control (DTC).

    2) Denied Persons List - Parties denied export privileges as administered by the Bureau of Industry and Security. The list may be found in the Export Administration Regulations, 15 CFR Part 764 Supplement No. 2.

    3) Entity List - Entities subject to license requirements because of their proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The list may be found in the Export Administration Regulations, 15 CFR Part 774 Supplement No. 4.

    4) Specially Designated Nationals, Terrorists, Narcotics Traffickers, Blocked Persons and Vessels - Parties subject to various economic sanctioned programs administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

    5) Unverified List - Unverified Parties List - Parties to past export transactions where pre-license checks or post-shipment verifications could not be conducted, and persons in foreign countries in transactions where BIS is not able to verify the existence or authenticity of all parties to the transaction, requiring heightened scrutiny by the exporter as set out in 15 CFR Part 732 Supplement No. 3.
  • Financial Institution Enforcement Report
    Financial Institution Enforcement Report is a report on anyone who has had formal enforcement actions taken against them by the Federal Reserve for violations of laws, rules, or regulations, unsafe or unsound practices, breaches of fiduciary duty, and violations of final orders. Formal enforcement actions include cease and desist orders, written agreements, removal and prohibition orders, and orders assessing civil money penalties. It is composed of 5 sources:
    1. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System ( FRB)
    2. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
    3. National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
    4. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
    5. Office of the Thrift Supervision (OTS)

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Civil Records

  • Civil Federal Court Search
    Search of Federal district courts for civil cases involving alleged violations of federal statutes or constitutional rights. Cases may be brought by individuals, companies or governmental entities seeking monetary damages, an injunction, and/or another remedy provided by law. Case information will include the party name, case title, the court in which the case is located, case number, filing date, nature of suit and closing date.

  • Civil Superior Court Search
    Search by Plaintiff, Defendant, Attorney, or Case Number of Superior Court filings of $25,000 or greater. TMAP Backgrounds can also search civil municipal court records (cases under $25,000), but does not recommend the search as civil records contain individuals' names only with no other identifiers.

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