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R.J. Kirschner

CEO and President of Threat Management And Protection, Inc. (TMAP), R.J. Kirschner blends a distinguished 28 year California Peace Officer career with over 23 years experience as a licensed Private Investigator and Security Consultant and his strong business acumen, as the foundation of one of the industry’s “go to” organizations for risk management and business crisis response and recovery. R.J. Kirschner has personally conducted hundreds of complex civil and criminal investigations, and led teams of investigators and security professionals in the quest for the truth for our clients.

TMAP’s proven results for their clients are the reduction of risk through the implementation of recommended business processes, while increasing productivity and profits. TMAP clientele ranges from Mid-Cap companies to the Fortune 1000 in industries ranging from the technology sector, manufacturing, services, media, electronic products, aerospace, communications and others, to other investigative and security firms that do not have at the ready the critical resources TMAP can respond with for their clients in a transparent and ethical manner. At TMAP, the “buck” truly does stop with R.J. Kirschner, as he is the Qualified Manager on all investigative and security licenses, in all states, held by TMAP.



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