Why you need TMAP-Backgrounds™

TMAP-BackgroundsTM provides timely, accurate, and discrete Investigation Services that are best in class. Our vast network of resources and connections allow us to quickly provide effective information solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Why TMAP-Backgrounds We have resources which are not available to our competitors. Our team of professionals, for example, who draw upon their years of experience in a variety of fields including Law Enforcement, Military, Special Operations, Information Security, Litigation, and Corporate Risk Management. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources you need. Our experts have a proven, successful track record of proven solutions to the information challenges your company faces.

Pre-employment screening background checks are an effective risk management tool that have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire. Employers typically engage in pre-employment background screening for four reasons:


  1. To discourage applicants with something to hide—discourages job applicants with a criminal background or falsified credentials.
  2. To eliminate uncertainty in the hiring process— many employers have discovered the hard way that relying on instinct alone is not enough. Verified information is also an important part of the hiring process.
  3. To demonstrate Due Diligence—all employers have a duty of care in the hiring process. That means an employer must take reasonable steps to determine whether an employee is fit for a particular job. For example, an employer who hires a bus driver and does not take reasonable efforts to determine if the bus driver has a criminal record, could be found liable if that driver assaults a passenger, and a reasonable background check would have discovered the prior assaults.
  4. To encourage honesty in the application and interview process—employers find that just having a background program encourages applicants to be more forthcoming about their employment history.

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